Department of Logistics

Department of Logistics

Functions of the Logistics Department

  • To ensure the organization of security and repairment of the administrative building and other buildings of the Academy, to provide the material supply of auditoriums, offices, and study rooms in accordance with the educational requirements, to ensure uninterrupted operation of electricity, water, etc.;
  • To organize the conclusion of contracts with the relevant departments, enterprises, and organizations on logistics and procurement, as well as to ensure control over the implementation of the terms and obligations under these contracts by the executive organizations;
  • To ensure compliance with the procedures of procurement methods established by the legislation when purchasing goods (and services), to exercise quality control over the delivered goods and services;
  • To place orders with the relevant authorities in order to meet the needs of the Academy on procurement issues and to carry out the distribution of purchased goods in accordance with the requirements of the structural units of the Academy;
  • To control the use of the Academy's service vehicles, to organize their repair, registration with the state traffic police and compulsory insurance;
  • To raise ideas in accordance with the logistics activities of the Academy, to conduct analyzes and generalizations, to prepare analytical materials, to make proposals;
  • To make proposals for the training and professional development of specialists in the relevant field;
  • To prepare correspondence with other organizations related to the logistics issues of the Academy, to exercise other rights provided by the legislation in accordance with the directions of activity.