International academic mobility

International academic mobility

In addition to its EU/Erasmus+ programs, the Azerbaijan Customs Academy's (ACA) work on the other international academic mobility programs and schemes provides assistance for its students, academic and non-academic staff (broadly referred to as the target group), in the areas presented below.

  • Study abroad

Activities in this direction aim at informing the ACA target group and offering it a useful advice, about study opportunities in various countries.
Besides using certain "Study in Country" info, the team also provides specific info on what, how, why and when of study abroad.

  • Scholarships

An internal database of diverse scholarship programs worldwide allows the Academy to provide information and advice in line with the ACA students' needs, interests, and academic performance and social engagement indictators. Students consult the team with questions on their applications.

  • Exchanges

For the ACA students with the required level (upper-intermediate) of English language skills, the institution aims to arrange a number of academic exchanges in such countries as Turkey, US, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Austrialia, as well in various European countries.

  • International events

The ACA students are encouraged and supported to attend the most relevant academic conferences, seminars and other events (both online and offline). They regularly join such events as the INCU International Winter School, i-Customs Conference, Enactus+ and other international events held in Azerbaijan and abroad.

  • Internships

This activity provides the students with the required English language levels with info and advice on short-term internships.

  • Foreign languages

In order to support the students' meaningful use of the afore-mentioned possibilities, they are provided with advice on and informal assesment of their language skills (primarily English), beyond the regular foreign language classes that they attend and/or planned at the ACA. For the incoming foreign exchange students, classes in the Azerbaijani language can also be arranged, where relevant.