Establishment, history and activities of the Academy

Establishment, history and activities of the Academy

ASCCA is an education, training, and research institution under the State Customs Committee (SCC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it was established in 2012 by a Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and started to function in 2014, successfully materializing its first-ever students graduation already in the academic year 2017/2018.

The institution's rector is appointed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a special-purpose, public higher education institution accredited in the country, the Academy carries out higher education programs (BA and MA levels: economics, customs studies, legal studies, criminal law, information security, international trade, and logistics), as well as the SCC officers’ advanced training and continuous/lifelong learning programs.

The Academy also aims to conduct scientific, fundamental, and applied research primarily related to the SCC activity areas as well as on the national, regional, and international customs affairs.

Based on its own Charter, and particularly, on the Decree on "Some Measures on Capacity Building for the Customs Professionals of the State Customs Committee", signed in August 2019 by the SCC Chairman, the ASCCA is tasked to ensure all necessary domestic and international measures (trainings, conferences, courses, seminars, etc.) on the capacity building for Azerbaijan’s customs officers.