Customs training cooperation

Customs training cooperation

Customs, as well as the Customs-related training, is one of the most important functions of the Azerbaijan Customs Academy (ACA), in addition to the academic study programs run by the institution for students.

The ACA professional Customs training types include the following:

     - Pre-service & in-service trainings
     - On-the-job personnel (re-)trainings
     - Executive/advanced professional development trainings
     - Internships
     - Additional higher education
     - Improvement of other qualification levels

As the country's only national Customs training institute, the ACA implements regular additional education and training for the Customs Service Personnel, in order to ensure highly educated, qualified and professional Customs Officers with strong ethics, conduct, integrity and moral responsibility, in the framework of the institute's lifelong and adult learning system. The ACA promotes both the professional excellence and values-based service, in line with the national and international requirements, standards, rules and frameworks. This approach applies to the ACA's all global training cooperation and partnerships.

In particular, the ACA follows the World Customs Organization's (WCO) key frameworks, principles and practices on the Customs professionalism.
At the same time, considering the national Customs training agenda, demands, needs and priorities, the ACA aims to study, learn, acquire and apply the best specific practices of the other countries on the Customs training, teaching, learning and professional and personal development of Customs officials.

In line with that, as well as with its Statute, internationalization strategy and other relevant normative-legal acts of the Customs sector of the country, the institution develops and implements its worldwide training partnerships in the following directions:

  1. Training cooperation with international organizations
  2. Bilateral training cooperation with foreign countries
  3. Training cooperation with private sector entities
  4. E-learning for Customs

General focus areas of the ACA international Customs training cooperation and partnerships are as follows:

  • Bilateral/joint training & postgraduate study cooperation
  • Mutual study visits and exchanges
  • Research and information sharing
  • Bilateral/joint capacity building

Cultivating the Customs Officials with good citizenship, high ethics, culture and national and international sensibilities is a cross-cutting priority for all global training partnerships of the Azerbaijan Customs Academy.