Youth Day was celebrated at the Customs Academy

Youth Day was celebrated at the Customs Academy

An extensive holiday event was held at the Academy of the State Customs Committee on the occasion of February 2 - Azerbaijan Youth Day. The event was attended by the executives , staff and students of the Academy. The event began with the national anthem and a minute of silence was observed in memory of our heroic sons who became the martyrs  for the freedom of our lands. Then, a video was shown reflecting the activities of the Academy's students over the past year.

The head of the academy, Major General Gulu Novruzov, made an introductory speech at the event.

He congratulated the youth on the holiday on his own behalf, as well as on behalf of the executives of the State Customs Committee and wished them a successful future and a healthy life.

He stressed that the celebration of February 2 - Azerbaijan Youth Day in our country, the formation of state policy in this area is associated with the name of national leader Heydar Aliyev. G.Novruzov noted that today's youth, who left an indelible mark on history with their heroism and bravery in the 44-day war, will be an example for future generations. He stressed the importance of the participation of young people in the large-scale construction work carried out in our liberated lands.

Gulu Novruzov spoke about the achievements of the students of the Customs Academy over the past 10 years. Gulu Novruzov, expressed the positive views of the WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya on the students of the Academy at a meeting with Secretary General a few days ago.

At the end of his speech, the head of the Academy gave recommendations to students to act in a patriotic and national spirit, to mobilize their knowledge and skills for the development of our country.

Then the event continued with the artistic part. Pleasant music, poems and dances performed by the students of the Academy made the event even more colorful and gave the participants a good mood.

At the end, the students distinguished  for special activity in the public life of the Academy were awarded certificates by the head of the Academy. Gulu Novruzov thanked everyone who contributed to the successful organization of the event and had a memory  photo with the participants.